Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014


I'm working for a really long time on a crocheted cushion. It's the green-white-yellow one you can see beneath. But the stitch is so time-consuming and my yarns are so thin, that the progress is slow.
I need a cushion for my new rocking-chair, and when I found a new stitch that looks similar but is so much quicker I decided to make a cushion inspired by these and these.

Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014


Actually these pieces are a month old, but I didn't show them until now. I made the scarf two days before I went to the christmas market in december, but in january I decided to make a few matching fabrics to make bags from it. I love the colors, so I think I will weave more of them.

To continue...

Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

What happened No. 2

What happened next? Ok, I showed you in the last post, that I had a new weaving project. It is allready finished now.
After graduating I wanted to weave something I really can use and maybe sell. At school I mostly made fabric pieces but not finished products, so that was something I wanted to do for a long time.

I decided to make bags and backpacks, and I wanted to dye my fabrics. The whole process of weaving dying and sewing the bags took my something around 1-2 month, and last week I was able to sell the first items!
I also made origami lamps and paperstars and sold them on a christmas marked in my hometown. I'm really happy that so many people liked my work and I'm really happy how the bags turned out.

My new collection is allready on my loom, so maybe I can show more soon.

Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

What happened No.1

It happened so much since my last post. I was to busy to write something. But now I have a little time and thought I have to write a little bit and show you what I was doing the last few month!
I will create a few posts the next days.
So what happened?

I ate the first roasted chestnuts for this year.

My favorite barista knows my weakly coffeorder. Really, that made my day!

 And I started a new weaving project!

Montag, 29. Juli 2013

What makes me happy

At the moment it is really difficult for me. I have to wait until my second graduation show. And I can't do anything. I have holidays at the moment but I can't really enjoy it. Because the failure at the first presentation is in my mind the whole time.
But I try to do nice things while I'm waiting.

picture 1+2:
I found these beauties on my balkony. I wasn't expecting them. I've never seen a cornflower in another color than blue. And the sweet little pink flower was growing in a heaps of dirt I had over from planting the other flowers. When I noticed it, it really made me smile.

picture 4:
I found a really nice patterns for a top. It is crocheted. I've never crocheted lace in my life and not even a really pattern. I'm more a knitter, but I loved the pattern. I actually can crochet difficult patterns but I never had enough patience to do a real piece.

picture 5-9:
I love succulents but a few weeks ago I but the first succulents, because I always thought my appartment is to dark. We have really much shadow despite the fact, that we have big windows. In the summer it is really nice because it is always cold in our appartment but it is not really nice for my flowers. But it seems as if the succulent actually like their new home.

picture 10:
My favorite flower, a lily.